The Gentle Roller felt rolling machine is the latest innovation for the craft of felt making. It is the felt maker's friend; designed to relieve the physical pain, emotional tedium and dreary labour of rolling felt.


The patented oscillating motor moves the felt bundle back and forth. The first felting machine that truly mimicks hand rolling. 


Another unique design feature is that the felt bundle is wrapped around a textured drive roller, not a pool noodle or other type of core. Textured 'idle' rollers use pivot hooks and gravity to put pressure on the outer layers of your project. These textured rollers, inside and outside of your project encourage the fibers to mingle and felt. 


The fiber artist is given maximum control over the felting process with specially designed software utilizing a digital display screen on the motor housing. Number of rolls per cycle; short to long rotations of the drive roller; forwards, backwards or forth/back rotations; as well as speed of rolling are all options that can be controled.


But the innovations don't stop there! No other company has come up with a product to automate the fulling process. The Gentle Roller has an add-on fulling drum allowing the artist to place their pre-felt into the drum and select a cycle on the display screen to tumble it to a finished piece. 


The roller comes in two sizes, a 43 inch drive roller and a 55 inch drive roller. Both are sufficient size to work anything from scarves and hats to yardage and garments.


If you are a felt maker, save your back, shoulders, neck, wrist and elbow pains. Invest in your health and a prolonged felt making life by purchasing a Gentle Roller.

Elements of The Gentle Roller



The Gentle Roller has unique patented texturized drive and idle rollers working both the inside and the outside of your project to encourage the fibers to mingle and  entwine.



Motor housing with digital display screen regulates specifically designed software allowing the felt maker optimized control of a variety of functions.



The Gentle Roller has an add-on fulling drum allowing the artist to place their pre-felt item into the drum then select a cycle on the display screen to tumble it to a finished piece. 

What makes it unique - and the right choice for you!


Safety Comes First

Many felt rolling machines are simply unsafe.  Among other failings, they require pressure screws, with the threat of tangling, or require guarding to protect the user.  Not the Gentle Roller.  It is designed with your safety in mind.  


Nuanced Control

Many felting machines give you no control other than "on/off" and are rather rudimentary. Not so The Gentle Roller.  Through its easy to use control panel The Gentle Roller is as nuanced in its ability, as you are as a felt maker.


Efficiency and Consistency

Rolling is tiresome and your felting may vary from hour to hour.  The Gentle Roller felt rolling machine ensures every roll is the same at the last, and the unique drive system eliminates slippage or movement of your felt pieces.


Modular Design

No it's not an Ikea pack, but the motor housing is separate from the main roller assembly.  Four screws are all it takes.  If you are a serious felt maker, this deliberate design aspect could save you money.


Aesthetic Appeal

A felting machine doesn't have to look like it belongs in a garage or, worse still, look like it is operated by men in white laboratory coats - surprisingly most do!  Not The Gentle Roller with its colourful body and streamlined design.


The Artist's Skill is Retained

Your real skill is in the lay out and design of your felt project.  The Gentle Roller felt rolling machine removes a tedious manual process and gives you more time for leisure or to concentrate your efforts on more productive work.

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