About Me


I'm one of those artists who just loves to explore! Lately I've been crazy about felting, and all of its fun colors and textures. But I also enjoy photography, digital art, working with gourds, jewelry making, collage and assemblage.  I am always open to trying new materials and techniques, and to discovering different means of expression. Who knows what I might be creating tomorrow!


I've always been involved in the arts. My degree, and starting career were in Interior Design, doing both residential and commercial work. I then moved into Appraising Real Estate, owning my own appraisal business, but of course I maintained my artwork on the side. Since my retirement in 2007 I've been able to fully focus on my artwork, creating, teaching and furthering my art knowledge through courses at a local art college.


If you live near the east coast of Wisconsin I'd be happy to do a showing of my work to you and your friends in the privacy of your home. I also do consignment work and would be happy to create a piece just for you.

Have a look around and maybe you will find something that fits your taste.