A to Z Reversible Felted Garment Making

In this work-at-your-own speed online course I provide you with detailed instructions, supported with worksheet printouts and video presentations to gain the intensive knowledge necessary to create a reversible, nuno felted garment. A materials supply list and instructions specific to the Morning Glory Jacket pictured are also included. 


One of the hardest things to learn is to create a well fitting seamless garment. These are the skills that you will learn:

* Sample making and calculating shrinkage quotient

* Taking and recording proper measurements

* Creating a custom template from the measurements

* Creating a resist of any style

* Creating a Mock-Up for considering the reversible aspect

* Layout of materials

* Felting and fulling the garment

* How to get a custom fit

Additionally you will learn how to make a hidden pocket and how to create the "crackle effect" shown on the reverse side.


This class is offered to intermediate felt makers who know the basics of drafting wool, felting and fulling. It contains over 45 pages of written instruction with over 60 photos, 2 worksheets and 7 supporting videos. I have included absolutely every aspect and tip that I could think of for you to be a successful garment maker.


I have made this course available through The Gentle Roller's Great Felting Projects. A Gentle Roller felting machine is not required to complete the project (but sure helps with the back-breaking rolling!). I have offered the course at a HUGE savings! <$100! Normally $375 to $500 when offered in an in-person workshop.

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