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Jill Chadek

Merino & Mulberry
Two Rivers, WI 54241


Learn everything from creating a custom fitted pattern trhough the finished construction and fitting. Intermediate skill level a must. 
Create a breezy vest, just the right weight for summertime wear or when just a light coverup is needed. Beginner to Intermediate skill level.
Design a beautifully unique, reversible shawl and wear a "dawn" garden of vibrant colors or reverse it for a sophisticated garden at "dusk".
Create a unique, fashinable neck or ear warmer to keep you cozy when the weather is cool.

If you are a felt maker you know how physically tiresome the rolling process is. I represent the top of the line, yet AFFORDABLE rolling machine!

The Gentle Roller


It is our nature to create, our life is a manifestation of our creativity. I invite you to take a look at what life has been expressing through me.

For further details on items shown please contact me.

Bazyli Studio, 2551 Ahrens Rd in Baileys Harbor, WI carrys my garments (May through Oct). Stop in to find one that's just right for you. 

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