If you are a felt maker you know how physically tiresome the rolling process is. We offer the top of the line, yet AFFORDABLE rolling machine!

The Gentle Roller

Jill Chadek fiber artist


Feel free to contact me.

Jill Chadek

Merino & Mulberry
Two Rivers, WI 54241


No festivals in 2020 as I have a couple of special projects in the works.
Wearable Art Exhibit
Plymouth Arts Centre
520 East Mill Street
Plymouth, WI 53073
March 13, 2019 - May 1, 2019
Sashay! Crossbody felted pouch. No skills needed. Date in May to be announced.
Garment Making from A to Z   
4 or 5 day intensive workshop learning everything from creating a custom fitted pattern trhough the finished construction and fitting. Intermediate skill level a must. Dates in July to be announced.
(If interested in getting on a waiting list for either workshop please contact me.)

Woo Hoo! I won the Fiber Arts Award of Excellence  at the 2017 Morning Glory Fine Crafts Festival in Milwaukee, WI.

I've got a Blog!    

See what I'm chatting about!

The Gentle Roller Product Line

GR1400 2019 $1,643.00 FREE SHIPPING

The Gentle Roller  1400mm (55")

GR1400+FD $1,909.00         FREE SHIPPING

The Gentle Roller

1400mm (55")

+ Fulling Drum

GR1100 2019 $1,390.00 FREE SHIPPING

The Gentle Roller 1100mm (43")

GR1100+FD 2019 $1,619.00 FREE SHIPPING

The Gentle Roller

1100mm (43")

+ Fulling Drum

Fulling Drum            $415.00 or $477.00

Newly styled for 2019 with finger grips and new locking mechanism.

1100 or 1400 size

Fulling Bags  $10.00 + up

Small - 28"   Medium - 43"   Large - 55"

Fulling bags keep your project from twisting and spiraling in the Fulling Drum which can cause the item to loose it's shape or to felt to itself.

GR Rollers                  $166.00 to $195.00

Spare Idle Roller, All Purpose Drive Roller or Super Soft Roller (for very fine to med. weight items).             1100 or 1400 sz

Elastic Straps $12.00

Set of 6 Hook & Loop Elastic Straps.

These straps are a quick & easy way to hold your project to the main roller. Also straps & fulling bag combo sets.

2019 GR Control Assembly $145.00 & $415.00

Full housing or Printed Circuit Board.

Upgrade your 2018 PCB to the 2019 multilingual display version with English, French, German, Spanish, and Italian.