The Ez Felter is presently off of the market. It is now owned by The Gentle Roller Company and will be undergoing a few changes before being reintroduced. I've left these videos in case you are a present owner and would like to review them.

2016 informative video about the Ez Felter (formerly Pedro's E-Z Roller Felting Machine) for the felting artist and hobbyist. Learn about the machine, the types of items that you can create with the machine and how it is packaged. 

This is an old but informative video that I created about the original E-Z Roller Felting Machine. The machine was redesigned in 2014 upgrading some electrical components and the frame style so there are differences in the appearance of the new machine. Also, the tool packet that I talk about is no longer needed so is not included with your purchase.


Watching this you'll get a chance to see the machine in action and hopefully I'll answer some of the questions that you may have.