Ez Felter
Guidelines and Limited Warranty


CAUTION: Safe operation of this machine is YOUR responsibility. Operating guidelines are offered by the owner and manufacturer, who have no ability to monitor or supervise the machine’s use; thus, improper use of the machine which results in injury or damage is not the responsibility of the manufacturer, its owners, employees or agents.


CAUTION: The lower rear roller is driven directly by the motor and may produce enough torque to cause injury in the unlikely event that hair, clothing, fingers or other body parts become entangled in that roller. Therefore, when placing the machine for operation it is important to place the back of the machine (the side where the motor-driven roller is located) away from the operator, out of reach or access by others, especially small children. We suggest positioning the machine with the back side against a wall. Please keep small children and pets as well as hair, clothing and fingers away from all rollers during operation.


CAUTION: Exposure of the rollers to high heat or to direct sunlight for a lengthy period of time may cause the rollers to warp.


ADVISORY: This machine is designed and
manufactured for hobby and light-duty artistic
felting work. It is not intended for full-scale commercial felting work or prolonged continuous operation under heavy loads (such as large rugs). Operating the machine under too great of weight or roller pressure may result in motor damage and excessive bearing wear, voiding the warranty. When loading the machine and applying pressure to a project, please do not overload pressure to the point that you hear the motor straining and/or you see the rollers slowing down. If this occurs, back off the two pressure adjusting rods on the upper roller until the motor runs at a normal 
speed. We suggest no more than one hour of continuous operation without a shut down of approximately fifteen minutes to allow the motor to cool down.


WARRANTY: Merino and Mulberry provides a one year limited warranty (from date of delivery) to the original buyer for parts replacement provided that the machine was operated within its Cautions, Advisories and Limitations. Upon notice of a defect or failed part, Merino and Mulberry or its manufacturer will mail or ship the required replacement part directly to the user with instructions on how to replace the defective part. In the event that the manufacturer deems the necessity of machining or other shop work, the user will be given instructions for shipping the machine or removing the defective part and returning the part.

For one calendar year from the date of delivery to the original buyer’s address, the cost of shipping and of the replacement part under warranty will be paid by Merino and Mulberry.


Warranty on the motor will be void if evidence of too heavy of loads and/or too long of prolonged operation is/are indicated. Parts replacement for one year is the only warranty provided and no other warranties, express or implied, including the Warranty of Merchantability, are provided.