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Judy B. - Canada

I've had it for about a year, and have used it to felt mitts, and felt silk scarves. It is so much easier to put it in the machine, than to roll the item by hand! I must say, I have not not used it a lot, YET! I paint and sew as well, so felting is on the back burner at the moment! But, I have had no problems with it so far. It is sometimes "tricky" to get the pressure set properly so that the rollers turn easily, while also applying enough pressure. Strictly TRIAL & ERROR!......Jill was very helpful, when I was ordering my machine, and delivery was very efficient.

I've been using my E-Z Roller Felting Machine for several months now. It took me several scarves to get used to the machine and felting times. Now that I'm comfortable with the machine I find it easy to use, convenient, and it saves me lots of time. It does not take up much space and is light weight enough for me to move by myself. It was delivered to my door in a week and came fully assembled. I just lifted it out of the box and started felting. I slid a rimmed cookie sheet under the machine to catch the drips and it works just fine. I can felt more items without becoming exhausted. Love the machine and would recommend it to other felters.
Barb S.  WA 

"Just thought that I would let you know that I am so delighted with my rolling machine! It does everythingI need it to do. I can now carry on felting and not have aching arms. Hope you like the pics of my creations. Many thanks."                            Di - United Kingdom


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Jennifer A., WI


"The merinoandmulberry felting roller machine worked great right out of the box. I have used it with one scarf and I am very happy with how the roller reduced the wear and tear on my elbows and shoulders. I was able to set the top roller for more or less pressure as the scarf required."

Linda N., OR

"I received my EZ roller in June 2013. I had seen the machine a year earlier and worried that I couldn't find it when I finally decided to buy it. I had researched several other machines and they were way out of my budget. Once I set up the machine I started right away on projects. I have since made over 30 scarves and hundreds of laundry balls.... It has saved me a ton of time and help push my creative side farther than I ever expected!  Love it!"

Jane R., Australia

"...with regards to my new Felt Rolling Machine, I'm loving it, ...the machine is such a time saver, whilst having some work rolling away I am able to get on with laying out the next project, which suits my situation. ....I was so happy to find a rolling machine that I could afford, I look forward to many interesting projects evolving now that I won't have to put up with rolling pains and stiffness ....actuallly that was the main reason that I wanted a machine, because I felt I was developing Repetetive Strain Injury in my neck from hand rolling (I had to stop felting!) and now having the machine I am able to felt again, which I am so happy about because felting really has become my medium of expression .....so its great, thanks, all the best to you ...regards Jane"

"Very impressed with the personal and reliable service by Jill Chadek, including after sales contact. The machine was very carefully packaged to ensure no breakages. the instructions were quite clear and well illustrated. The machine is simple to use also. I am happy to recommend this product."       Jennie J., Australia

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Marilyn N., IL


"I purchased the EZ Roller machine because I had to have back surgery and was looking at a one year recovery period. Having the machine allowed me to continue my felting projects. It is truly a back saver. My physical therapist even suggested using a step stool so I didn't have to reach up to turn the knobs. I still do that. It's worked out great for me."