Finally, an AFFORDABLE rolling machine to relieve you of the physical labor of rolling your flat, wet felted items!


Developed with the felting hobbyist in mind the Ez Felter is dependable, safe and affordable. It is easy to use for all types of wet felting saving your energy and time. 


Use the Ez Felter for any felt making application where you would normally be rolling your bundled project with your arms. Simply set your dampened, rolled project onto the 2 lower rollers. Then, the adjustable upper roller allows you to determine just the right amount of pressure to apply for each project. Turn the machine on with a simple on-off button. You decide the length of time to roll. Safety is designed into the machine. A low voltage, yet capable motor with circuit breaker allows the rollers to automatically stop if your hand would accidently get between them.


Each machine, custom made in the USA, is constructed with industrial quality components for many years of trouble free use. 



* All aluminum frame with full end panels which provide safety by making side contact with the drive roller impossible. The panels also keep water and suds from contacting the motor and electrical components.

* Low voltage motor with circuit breaker for added safety.

* Enclosed electrical switches.

* Grooved drive roller for extra grip.

* Two hand wheels, not just one; allow you to apply even pressure from the top roller even when your project is uneven.

* A  foam swim noodle is included to roll different width projects. Also included is a grip mat to provide extra grip if your project gets sudsy.

* Roll a project up to 36" wide and up to 8' or longer, up to 9" diameter!

* Virtually no maintenance is required!

* Owner's Manual is included.

* 1 year limited warranty.

* Made in the USA

The tool package shown in the original video is no longer needed with the machine redesign and IS NOT included with the machine.

36" Machine Dimensions:

Roller Width: 36" (91.44cm)

Width: 48 1/2" (123.19cm)

Width at Base: 43.5" (110.49cm)

Depth: 12 1/4" (31.12cm)

Height: 21 1/2" (54.61cm) +hand clearance for adjusting top roller

Weight: 46 lbs (20.87kg)

Shipping Weight: 53 lbs (25.4kg)


Below are shopping cart options for purchasers within the contiguous United States. All International, Alaska & Hawaii purchasers please contact me as shipping costs will be calculated specifically for your location. We have machines in use all over the United States and in more than two dozen foriegn countries! Keep in mind that if you live in a foriegn country you may need an adapter for your electrical plug.

USA Buyers $1095.00 + FREE SHIPPING!                                      


1 year Warranty and FREE SHIPPING in the contiguous States.

A telephone number will be required during checkout as our shipping company requires it due to the value of the machine. Rest assured your private information is kept confidential.

Want to chat about it?

I share tips on felting and using the Ez Felter at Merino & Mulberry's Facebook page,  It is a place to ask me and other felting enthusiasts questions and to discuss and share information about this enjoyable art form.

If you are interested in a tray for under your machine to catch any drips, a dog crate replacement pan works great! Midwest Life Stages makes a 48" x 30" x 2" which fits great and is available from many online vendors.